Nancy Brock Veterinary Services - In-clinic Services
In-clinic Services
In-clinic Anesthesia Training
In-house, hands-on training can be more efficient and cost effective than most continuing education
meetings because it is customized to the needs of your hospital.

Dr. Brock can help doctors and their staff upgrade and refine their anesthesia delivery and pain
management skills, in their hospital, while delivering care to their own patients.

These sessions are eligible for Continuing Education credits.

For more information about in-clinic training, please call, fax, email or complete the
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On-staff Anesthesiologist
For a monthly retainer, Dr. Brock can provide:
  • Unlimited free fax, email and phone consultations (including emergency assistance)
  • In-clinic anesthesia and pain management services
  • In-clinic continuing education
  • Anesthesia delivery and monitoring equipment troubleshooting
  • Waste anesthetic gas exposure monitoring

For more information, please call, fax, email or complete the
Contact Form.
Anesthesia and Pain Management
The services outlined below are available to licensed veterinarians only.
Please contact us by phone, fax or email to receive consultation forms and fee schedules.